How To Choose The Top Rated Kitchen Knife Set 2020

How To Choose The Top Rated Kitchen Knife Set 2020

When it is all about which kitchen knife set is the best compared with thousands of others available kitchen knife. In a moment I am going to show you the easiest way to find the best kitchen knife set. Whatever there are a few notable steps you have to follow as you know it is not very easy to see the best kitchen knife.

Think yourself out of the box and be determined and specific about your requirement besides the numbers of the set contains and where you want to use them mostly over time. I assure you 99.9% you will get the market best kitchen knife if you stay with us till the end.

Go into deeper; this is a very first step in point of my view although three or four knives are enough for a typical household. Isn’t it?

It doesn’t make any sense, why most of the people forget the subject matter when the paring knives used for peeling, trimming and cutting food into small pieces, as we know, a chef’s knife which serves a multi-purpose role.

On the other hands, a serrated knife for cutting bread, squishy vegetables, and delicate fruits. Moreover, our primary objective is to manage the best kitchen knife set for you.

Why 8-inch knives, why not bigger than eight or smaller?

Undoubtedly, there are many things depends on your personal preference for the best chef knife, and it should be. For example,

  • blade length could be one of your choices
  • the material is another vital factor
  • size and shape
  • And color

that’s why I recommend eight-inch as I found this is the perfect size for every kind of household work besides the stainless steel blades for home cooks is excellent when the knife is of 8th inches.

stainless steel Sinks are more nice and hardened steel sink is made of a tough material, scratches are inescapable. A Great Sink talking about it go here and read all review about it.

Therefore, my suggestion is if you do much cutting large food on a regular basis, eight inches would be the wise option for you.

I faced much trouble and got bitter experienced with the size issue. Like Residential-kitchen counters, nonindustrial cutting boards, and civilian muscles, they are unable to manage bigger than the perfect size.

I assure you the size perfect for both precision tasks. For example, dicing garlic and larger jobs like chopping root vegetables or cuts of meat.

Why Are Materials so crucial for the Best Kitchen Knife Set?

There’s quite a bit more about different materials, but let’s start with the easy stuff and then move into the grey areas. As you know, there are thousands of knives are available in a variety of materials but remember, you should always look for carbon steel blades, stainless steel, signature stainless steel alloys, or ceramic. These are my recommended materials for the best kitchen knife set go Decent Home Décor for the knife reviews

As I know, carbon steel blades are easy to sharpen and maintain their edge longer than regular knives.

Make sure Stainless-steel blades.

Let me tell you first; I have done extensive research on stainless steel knives as it is essential to ensure quality knives and there are benefits to ceramic as well.

Stay concern about the edge longer and protect from rust besides the Ceramic is extremely brittle.

Remember one thing; If you take the knife into a rogue bone or hit for cutting board at the wrong angle, I am not sure will it work for the next time or not.

Utility blade

On the other hands, A knife with a utility blade can perform everything, and it can be used for smaller pieces or cutting larger ingredients into smaller pieces as well. Therefore, I have brought those knives to my testing kitchen to see which ones performed better.

Then I found these three,

My recommended 3 Best Chef Knives for you

  • MAC MTH- 8-Inch Chef Knife with Dimples – Most Popular
  • Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife – Best for Experienced Cooks
  • Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife – Best Starter Knife

Why I chose the first one? The MAC MTH-80, 8-Inch Chef Knife with Dimples

Comfortable and maneuverable

First things first, as I said The MAC MTH-80 Professional 8-Inch Chef Knife got massive popularity to the out-concern people.

However, I found supper excellency of this knife in my testing room. As you know very well that the blade is maneuverable enough to chop mint leaves. Slice carrots and peel butternut squash.

Therefore, the knife ensures clean cuts without requiring a perfect form. The MAC knife is one of my favorite knives as the balance is ideal for everyone. It is good enough to keep your food together and remains a significant edge.

Furthermore, I have made an investigation on the knife where so many users agree that the MAC is suitable for smaller hands and for people who want to make thin cuts.

Rest assured; It’s a Japanese-style knife, that means it’s going to be smaller in general than a European-style knife.

Balanced weight

Another notable feature I found of this knife, that is extremely lightweight as the total weight is not more than 7.1 ounces. I think the MAC is perfect regarding weight, but the blade is only 1.88 inches across that means you never feel like you’re wielding a knife.

I got in touched with a real user of this knife and she told the blade is thin and lightweight but balanced. As I have used Two of the three full-bolstered knives that got dinged for feeling “clunky” or “heavy,” while the blade without a bolster felt too much lightweight to my experiment.

Dimpled blade

On the other hand, the dimpled edge is designed to control food from sticking to the knife as you chop.

The best way to keep your sticky food off is to rub the blade of the knife with little plain vegetable oil before going to cut things. Like garlic or potato. However, I noticed that the MAC accumulated fewer bits of carrot and mint than dimple-less knives.

The thing you have to consider before taking the final decision?

Little more Expensive than others knife

Frankly saying the MAC is one of the best kitchen knives around, but it comes at a high price. It doesn’t seem more expensive when you compare with most of the top end knives, but if you’re a beginner cook spending over $100 for a kitchen knife might sound like too much.

Why I chose the second one?

The Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife – Best for Experienced Cooks.

Functional, beautiful design

I am not really sure whether you have heard the brad before or not. Yes, this is shunned, one of the most well-known brands in this industry. The Shun Classic 8 is one of the common knives of this brand; the blade made a vivid impression when I first started chopping. I can assure you will not face any trouble when halving a butternut squash, and the knife was maneuverable enough to peel said squash in “cute long strips. The knife is the only knife I used which made that satisfying sound when we sliced.

The Shun, like the Mac, is hugely lightweight Japanese knife with a half bolster. I always recommend Shun knives as it is beautiful like a functional art piece with a right balance and sound quality steel.

Total weight, not more than7.3 ounces, with a blade that’s 1.8 inches wide, besides it has a heft and balance similar to the MAC.

Unique D-shaped handle

The Shun got a very positive response from experienced chefs for its grip and balanced weight.

You can compare the knife with any top end knife as I found it is better than the Japanese blade.

, I have used so many knives which had blades and handles that felt stiff and clunky.

The Shun’s handle was a standout feature. Instead of being full round (like some traditional Japanese knives), the knife comes with (D) shaped: the curve of the D fits into the curve of your fingers as you grip the blade.

As I recommend the Shun Close-up for Chef Knife Not for beginners

As you know the Shun was designed for those who already know their way around a kitchen. The knife’s spine was also decidedly less forgiving, rubbing against index fingers that slid out of a proper pinch grip.

If you follow my guideline and take care adequate way, your Shun can stay sharp for a long time. “My favorite brand of knife is Shun, Their Western-style Japanese knives can go ages without sharpening, even with serious use.

Requires a high level of maintenance

The knife requires careful maintenance as the handle is made of a block of the wood/plastic composite, which is more delicate. Remember one thing, too much water exposure would be dangerous for it; you are required to dry both the knife and its handle thoroughly after each time uses it.

Why we chose the third one?

The Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife – Best Starter Knife


There’s quite a bit more, but let’s start with the easy stuff, The Victorinox Fibrox would be an excellent option for those who need to start cooking regularly but aren’t yet ready to invest much money, offering solid performance for around $45.

Undoubtedly, the Victorinox is the best knife for those who are on a budget (although he, like our testers, prefers a wood handle to the Victorinox’s plastic). As I came to know the commercial kitchens often order this knife for their line cooks. If you’re someone looking for low cost but decent quality, the Victorinox is the right place to start.

European-style knife instead of Japanese-style

I am not sure how much it is essential to be a European-style when The Victorinox is already European-style knife,

That means the blade is both broader and slightly thicker than the Japanese-style MAC and Shun.

The knife is extremely lightweight as the total weight, not more than 6.6 ounces (lighter than both the MAC and Shun), but the blade measures 2 inches across at its widest point.

I hope you will not feel quite as maneuverable as the Shun or the MAC.

I believe the Victorinox was “great for large things” like squash.

Things you have to consider before getting the final decision about this knife.

Plastic handle

I don’t know why the knife comes with a plastic handle which makes The Victorinox’s its most controversial feature.

The knife is Made of Fibrox, with a slightly textured pattern, it didn’t ensure slip grip even if your hands are wet.

As I found the handle also felt bulky to some uses, it feels cheap; it could be a reason not mental satisfied. If you have sufficient budget and really need a decent knife, however, the Victorinox is the right option for you.

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